We work with developers to create desirable brands for buildings before the buildings exist.

Thames Street in Greenwich

Within a highly competitive and developing Greenwich residencial market, we worked with L&Q to create a bold, powerful and memorable brand for their Thames Street development. From concept, naming and through to ongoing execution, we’re working side by side with the marketing team to help promote the development and generate sales.

The fluid Ebru pattern we created in collaboration with a local artist, nods to the development's waterside location

A hat-trick for Luton

The Hat District is a cluster of buildings in the heart of Luton being transformed into workspaces for the creative industries. Although inspired by our buildings’ history and heritage, the identity is clean, modern and aimed at attracting creative people and businesses to the district. The Hat District logo takes its inspiration from the traditional hat-making processes of straw plaiting and stitching, a nod to the area’s rich heritage in the hat-making industry.

At the core of our identity is the idea of various elements coming together to create a finished piece. Our individual building logos are layered to build our Hat District logo, and represent the journey through the Hat District from ‘start up’ to established business.

Our approach to branding the individual buildings was simple, systematic and follows the chronological order in which each hat factory was originally built. For our earliest dated building, Hat Works, we started with a outlined logo which gradually builds up with graphic lines to create unique logos and patterns for each subsequent building.

From the logos and their graphic patterns, we've developed a system of flexible, scalable assets which create a dynamic and sophisticated brand application, across a range of mediums.