Spacecraft Episode 1 — Neil Usher

The Spacecraft podcast aims to analyse how well designed workplaces can have a positive impact on people, and therefore business. We thought, where better to start than with Neil Usher? A master of the dark art of creating the perfect workplace. In this podcast you can find out why Neil loves and hates the office beer tap in equal measure; how we need to create a ‘non-doctrinaire’ workplace to create a truly successful for our employees, and why we all need to start writing if we want our businesses to thrive.

Neil has over 25 years professional experience in the property sector. He has worked on numerous hugely-impactful projects for major organisations including Sky. Through Neil has been an avid blogger for years — creating thought-leadership before it was a familiar term — he has edited and compiled his thinking over the years to create his excellent new book ‘The Elemental Workplace’. We genuinely can’t recommend this book enough, if you’re a Workplace Director this will be your new bible / if you’re an Architect you can use this book as proof you’re doing the right thing to Workplace Directors.

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Find our why Neil loves and hates the office beer tap in equal measure. Find out more in his new book The Elemental Workplace

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